Golf's New Normal: 
How Covid-19 Changed the Game 

COVID-19 posed serious challenges for the golf industry. According to one foreUP customer, however, the challenges we faced have opened the door to solving the whole industry's biggest threat to revenue: No shows. 


Has COVID-19 solved the industry's longest-standing revenue problem?

Golf is one of the only "booked" activities that hasn't adapted to new-age reservation standards—like paying for your reservation when you make it. Valley View used COVID to launch their customers into the 21st century.

In the case study, Dustin Volk explains:

The biggest culprit of budget inefficiencies — and why there seemed to be no solution.

Long-term impacts for the golf industry after COVID-19 changed the game. 

How Valley View implemented simple changes that eliminated no-shows.

Impacts of COVID-19 changes to golfer expectations for their experience on and off the course.

Hear it straight from Dustin Volk, PGA Pro and General Manager of Valley View Golf Course.

foreUP Golf Course Software

When COVID hit in 2020, life changed for all businesses—including golf course technology. 

The roadmap for foreUP software development halted in March of 2020 when the needs of golf courses and country clubs around the country changed dramatically. An agile team allowed the software to quickly adapt and give clients the tools they needed to succeed—and even THRIVE—during these unprecedented times. 

Create better guest experiences and eliminate no-shows with Valley View's simple changes to tee times.

The Future of Golf Course Management: How COVID Changed the Industry Forever