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Prorated Billing Periods

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Make your customers happy by only charging them for the things they actually do (without manual prorating.)

Introducing a Fresh Approach to Member Billing

It's time to say goodbye to time-consuming member management.

Bulk-edit templates

Automated Emails

Simple, Automated Payments

These include partial payments, balance forward, and auto-payments, along with other customizable options.

Intuitive Payment Portal

The new interface encourages customers to set ACH autopayments, making your job and theirs much easier.

Members can look at the state of their account and their invoices through automated emails.

Need to change your rates? You can edit one invoice and elect to have it update all the rest, too.

Prorated Billing Periods

(800) 675-0422


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Save Time on Routine Tasks

Provide the Ultimate Member Experience

Pay Less to Collect More, Automatically.

An exclusive member portal makes it easy for your members to pay their bills automatically. 

ACH payments, automated finance charges, and improved reporting lets you get the most out of billing.

Billing Premier offers many premium functions, including statement emails, finance charges, and reports.

Innovative Technology To Simplify Your Life

The Ultimate Member Experience

Collect More, Without Spending More

Set your invoices to send whenever you need: monthly, quarterly, annually, or (if you really want) daily.

Some Time-Saving Features of Billing Premier

Bulk Edit Templates

Finance Charges

Summary Emails


You don't need to sell your soul to credit card companies. Collect more on card payments through our integrated ACH. 

Set automatic charges for slow-moving or forgetful customers who don't pay their bill on time.

Improved summary emails include a dashboard that lets you see all the important data, including declined payments.

No one likes to deal with billing; not you, and not your members. That's why we've given member billing a complete makeover—one your staff, and your members are really going to love. Let us show you the future of member billing. Contact us for a more information or a quick demo.

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